Mer-IT has been working to tackle the digital divide since 2013.

We achieve this by providing general and vocational courses and a computer for anyone that needs one, regardless of gender or age.

In March 2020, before the first lockdown, we decided to donate all our equipment to the community as we knew it would be needed and that is when we first met David from Wizzie Wizzie


David who had been runing Wizzie Wizzie since 2013, teaching children how to code, had the same idea. He collected all the laptops that were stored in Libraries and community centers where Wizzie Wizzie's coding club used to run and together we gave everything away to schools and local residents.

In July 2020, Mer-IT Digital was born.


With a strong environmental conscience, we work hard to extend the life of electronics that would otherwise become E-waste, putting back reconditioned devices into the community amongst those in need.



Meet The Team

Alex Inglis

David Sutherland

Mer-IT Digital
Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee Company number 12744736


40 Bowling Green Lane,

London EC1R 0NE


0207 415 7095

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