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Uthmaan was our Kickstarter for six months. 

It was a pleasure to have him with us and see him develop his technical skills and easily acquire teaching and communication skills. 

He brings a wealth of knowledge from his family business and during his time with us, he reorganised our warehouse transforming it into a highly efficient and productive space. 

He is motivated and graciously balances his curiosity with an eye for detail, which results in high quality repairs. 

He can be a bit shy when showing off his skills, so if you are wondering if he can undertake your repair, just ask him straight. 

He won't disappoint!


average rating is 5 out of 5

Mer-IT Digital

He brings a wealth of knowledge from having helped at his family business and is able to work interdependently, he applied this by rearranging our workshop in a way that helped us become more efficient.

He combines curiosity and an eye for detail well and is not scared of trying new things.

Uthmaan was also able to use his skills as an skilled IT Technician, diagnosing and repairing (screen and keyboard repairs) hundreds of desktops and laptops.

He received training in professional data sanitation as well as Apple devices.

A loyal and trustworthy member of staff.

Milad Miah

average rating is 5 out of 5

Peel Institute

Uthamaan repaired our laptop for us when the screen cracked. Its a very new laptop only a few months old.

The repair was excellent, he took great care to ensure it was repaired correctly and no scratches etc. It came back exactly as it went.

We would definitely use him again.


average rating is 5 out of 5

Holloway Neighbourhood Group

It was great to have Uthamaan come into our community centre to volunteer. He was very polite, helpful and knowledgeable, giving service users confidence to use their tech correctly. He even helped staff members when things went wrong. I would recommend him to anyone with tech issues!

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