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We are taking part on the Together Greener Festival!

Do you have a computer that it is too old/slow or full of viruses.

Perhaps, you are struggling to use a specific programme, or your computer  needs some updating, repairing. 

Whatever your issue, come along to one of our workshops, where a team of IT technicians will be very happy to help you. 

Bright Sparks, would be supporting you with your electricals (lamps, toasters, blenders, hi-fi)) please make a booking directly with them, by sending an email to

Please note, they will not be able to help with TVs or Microwaves. 

If you have good IT skills, you are also welcome to join us. We often see clusters of people just working on their own Tech Projects. 

Everyone is welcome. 

Just book a time slot. 

Please wear a face mask/covering unless exempt and try and limit the number of people per booking. 


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