Registration Number: CBDL368012

We are registered with the Environment Agency as Lower Tier Waste Carrier, Broker and Dealer.

This means that we can take your E-Waste as long as it has the potential to be refurbished.

It also means that we are committed to the appropriate disposal of our E-Waste.

As training providers, we see value in all types of devices.


Due to the current emergency we prefer working devices, but we will be happy to take those that need fixing or that are working but are just too old to be donated.

This is because old working laptops and desktops can be used by our students to practice complex repairs, giving them an excellent source of working devices to work on, without the fear of breaking or wasting.


     • Powerwash any Chromebooks.
     • Disassociate your accounts from Apple devices like iMacs, iPads, etc.
     • Not include any mobile phones as we will not be able to securely data wipe them.
     • Not include any android tablets as we cannot guarantee we will be able to securely data wipe them.
     • Disable any "track my device" Apps or settings before you donate.


We take data very seriously.

We personally data wipe all your information and that is why we urge you to bring the equipment directly to us.

If you are a company that requires a Certificate of Data Sanitation, this can often be provided free of charge, just send us an email or give us a call before you send any devices.

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Our Donors:

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Mer-IT Digital

40 Bowling Green Lane

London EC1R 0NE

Check what we take and do not take!

If you can, please include chargers for the devices that you are donating. We will be happy to receive any extra chargers that you do not need.

If you want to deliver to us, please make sure to:

  • Keep track of your delivery as we will not be able to track your package.

  • Include your name, phone and email address so we can inform you that we have received your donation.