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Let's face it, hardly anyone wants to deal with Electronic Waste

We have reached a point when most donations are a financial liability to us. 
Becoming financially sustainable comes at an environmental cost:


  • The cost of labelling perfectly working devices as obsolete, because they would not run Windows 10 comfortably.

  • The cost of labelling perfectly repairable devices as un-repairable because either their parts are too difficult or expensive to obtain or their design is too time consuming to disassemble.

We are on a journey.

A journey to discover solutions, to help others understand the challenges of implementing a culture of repair in our current society. 

The market might have a need for repairers, but it does not have the money to employ them, because buying new, can often be cheaper than repairing. 

Our approach to repair is vocational.

We believe a culture of repair changes people's lives: Once you make a working device out of two non-working devices, the question of sharing, property and usage, reshapes not only our relationship with things, but with people. 

  • We wont turn our backs on devices that just need care and will continue to be truthful to our aims to refurbish and repair everything that has potential. 

  • We will continue to be curious and open minded about what "having potential" means and when matching beneficiaries to those devices.  

  • Providing training for the community, is our bit to changing society's relationship with electronics. 

  • Providing training to become an IT technician is our bit to changing people's lives, as learning a trade opens the door to opportunities. 

  • Most importantly, we will continue to share the view that there is no such a thing as a lack of devices, making sure that our services are free to those that need them most. 

It would be impossible to do all of this and so much more without our funders and supporters.

So, next time you think of us, think of them too. 

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