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We are shipping a container full of computers and will be providing training and a "mimic" of the Internet using Raspberry Pi, to communities in remote areas of Nepal.


We will be providing training and work experience for young people so they can join two fixing factories in Brent and Camden.


We are part of the London Councils Action Group "One World Living" to ensure that extending the life of electronics is promoted and sustained practice.



Repair Workshops for the public

Amazing to be part of a circular economy movement where the Right to Repair is understood and supported.



We were grateful to support the Raspberry Pi Foundation with their initiative to support schools by providing Raspberry Pi Kits


Sourcing of Equipment

We will be supporting The Parent House in their work to support parents, so they form stronger families.



We are happy to support the Light Project by refurbishing their latest donation.


Refurbishment Service

We are delighted to support Kingston and Sutton Councils by refurbishing computers that will be later allocated to schools


Refurbishment Service

We are delighted to support Kingston and Sutton Councils by refurbishing computers that will be later allocated to schools


Sourcing of Equipment

We will supporting Clarion Housing by providing laptops to a School in Havering.

Islington Mind.png


It has been amazing to work with Islington Mind and getting to meet their users. Proud to have been able to support them during the Lockdowns.


Thank you so much. You’ve been wonderful in helping us get laptops to our service-users. It’s made a big difference during the pandemic. Everyone at MER-IT has been so supportive and considerate of each person’s specific needs.

​David Miller, Islington Mind

Thanks for this fantastic and much-needed service, especially at this time. You helped support our clients to stay in contact with the outside world at a time when it really mattered. Everyone from Help on your doorstep really appreciates the support you gave us and our clients.

​John Warby, Help on your doorstep

Laamiga supports women from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities to become financially independent through mentoring and training.
Your service was prompt, excellent, accessible and so beneficial. It was a lifesaver for our clients who do not have access to IT equipment and had to book a computer in a local library to do their coursework. Libraries have been closed for many months now and the provision of laptops is life-transforming, empowering and access to the internet is a human right in this digital age.

​Emua Ali, Laamiga

We cannot thank the Mer-IT team enough for their outstanding service throughout lockdown. They have been incredibly helpful and generous from the moment we first contacted them and have made a huge impact on our students. They are always going the extra mile to help people and we would recommend their services to anyone.

​Alice Parrington, Edmonton County School

Our Islington primary school would like to say a huge thank you to Mer-IT Digital and a massive thank you to Mercedes for supporting our families during the pandemic and providing laptops to the families that really needed them during this time to support their child’s education. The families are truly grateful. We hope to work with Mer-IT Digital again in the future and highly recommend this service. We need more like it!.

​Sabrina Thomas, Montem Primary School

The support you provided for Nightingale Primary was amazing. Through the laptops you refurbished we were able to get so many more of our children online and therefore not falling behind with their learning. We are really grateful for your support.

​Abi Hopper, Nightingale Primary School

Ambler Primary School would like to thank this amazing initiative by Mer-IT. In the adverse circumstances of the pandemic, our disadvantaged families needed those computers to carry on their normal school work. A lot of them were struggling to get it done on their phones, some of them have no device at all. Receiving those computers at the time of need and at a speed, they were highly grateful, so were we to be able to serve a link between two. The experience was seamless and easily accessible.

​Saira Bano, Ambler Primary School

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