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IT Traineeships & Work Experience


A training period to learn about Technology,

You will be introduced to different types of devices, from laptops to desktops, Macs, phones and tablets. A high percentage of our students move into employment or further education.

Courses are normally fully funded.


Free computer repair workshops for the Community

A great place to learn!

An inter-generational space where our students gain invaluable work experience by offering free computer repair, and support to learn how to use your IT gadgets, mobile phones, how to send emails, etc. 

Need help, come to us!


Hardware courses for children

We believe Hardware and Software is nowadays as important as reading and writing.

We run courses for kids to ensure they grow with a fundamental understanding of technology, where repair and upgrade is the norm.


Linux Support

Have you received a Computer or a Raspberry Pi and need some support using Linux? 


Come to one of our regular monthly workshops to help you achieve the freedom you want.

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