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Cash is crucial for any organisation. Your donation will help us provide more and better services.

This is an idea of what we can do with your money. 

Ensures we have tea and coffee available on site

Pre-loaded USB sticks ensures we can test computers for safety and performance in a fast and efficient way. 

Our rates for volunteers time. So they can get themselves lunch and cover for their travel expenses

Most of our donations for laptops, come without a charger. 

RAM makes your computer run faster, but man they are expensive!


The cost of the average screen replacement, but some brands can be over £500 to replace!

The average cost of a refurbished computer. You have just supported a child to study independently, a person look for a job or an elderly person to stay connected with family. 

This is what it cost to support people to begin changing their lives!
The average price per person for our training course. 
What we need to instil hope and a passion for long life learning in young people. 


Even if you cannot make a donation today, the fact that you have read all the way to here, has got us, as a society, closer to a greener planet. 

So thanks for reading!

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